Working Student Contract Template

A student employment contract is a policy document provided by a college or university if a student wishes to work in that school`s internal employment program. An internal employment program can be any work program set up for students only. For example, the student may have a dual federal or international degree, or perhaps the school may want to hire students who are specifically qualified for specific roles. This document should only be used for the employment of students and not for other types of labour relations. Information about the specific salary or hourly rate that the student receives, as well as the exact duration of the job, is not included in these types of documents. This is determined by the specific department for which the student works and can be included in the specific documentation of that department. This document is quite short and simple. Basic details about the student employment program are requested, including eligibility, salary information, and general rules. He also asked if there was another document, e.B. a textbook, to which students would be subjected. Student employment contracts are not negotiated documents – in other words, the student has no say in what they contain.

Instead, the school has a standard template or form that is used for all students who participate in the student employment program. These documents are usually very simple. The main reason for simplicity is that student employment contracts are usually part of a set of documents that the student will receive, often including a student manual, a confidentiality agreement, and the like. Please note that if the student is under the age of 18, prior approval from the student`s parent or guardian is required. While there are no specific laws that govern what is included in a student employment contract, these types of positions are usually overseen by both the school itself and the Ministry of Labor. Other names for the document: work-study agreement, student employment agreement, employment contract for students, employment contract for students, employment contract for students, student employment contract. .