Contract Negotiation Manager Job Description

A contract is a legally binding agreement between at least two parties. Essentially, it is a list of expectations and rules that all parties must follow after signing. While there are laws that govern some of what can be contractually enforced, a signatory is expected to know what to sign before doing so and negotiates for the most comfortable terms. Contract negotiation managers are used for this purpose. A contract negotiation manager is a person whose . Read more Avaya is an equal opportunity employer and a U.S. federal contractor. Our commitment to equality is a core value of Avaya. All qualified applicants and employees will be treated equally, regardless of race, religion, sex, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, protected veteran status or other protected characteristics. In general, positions at Avaya require the ability to communicate and use office technology effectively. Physical requirements may vary depending on the assigned workplace. This job description is subject to change. Nothing in this job description limits Avaya`s right to change the duties and responsibilities of this position at any time and for any reason.

You may also read Avaya`s Global Privacy Policy, available at, and the Privacy Policy applicable to this Job Posting and accessible to For job openings in European GDPR countries, you can access this document for additional information on privacy: Are you a highly motivated and talented contract professional looking for a way to contribute and succeed in a growing global technology company? Avaya is looking for talented and passionate contract professionals to join our Global Commercial Contracts team, which is part of Avaya`s legal team. Avaya Legal prides itself on providing its clients with timely, innovative and client-centric legal services. The position of Senior Contract Negotiator will lead the contract negotiation process in a rapidly changing environment focused on cloud-based and SaaS transactions. You will work with our lawyers, sales, transaction management team, finance and other business units to ensure world-class and transparent support to our clients and distributors. This position is located at Avaya`s office in Morristown, NJ; Remote work is possible. This template is provided for informational purposes only. The ultimate responsibility for choosing an accurate and non-misleading job title and description and for ensuring that a job offer does not violate applicable laws or ZipRecruiter`s Terms of Use rests solely with the employer. ZipRecruiter does not guarantee whether the above model accurately describes the employer`s job offer.

Please read our Terms of Use and Job Posting Rules for more information. This free sample template for contract negotiator job description can help you attract an innovative and experienced contract negotiator to your business. We facilitate the hiring process in a single step by providing you with a template that you can easily publish on our website. Be sure to add requirements, benefits, and benefits specific to the role and your business. Our hospital is looking for an experienced licensed negotiator to diversify our organization. We are looking for someone who can strengthen our supplier network while respecting cost initiatives, so candidates should have high-profile deals in their portfolio that demonstrate their negotiation skills. Because our goal is to provide the widest possible range of health services, you may need to terminate or update existing contracts to redistribute funds. Before you create an agreement with a new provider, you need to make sure that you collect all the necessary documentation and verify that the information is correct. This documentation helps us comply with state and federal health regulations, as well as our own corporate policies. .