Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days

„Yes, when I sent her the flowers, she was like that!“ Wang Guangning had the expression of being hurt on his face: „Does she still use this movement?“ They agreed to be gay for thirty days, and even uploaded the list to the internet, preparing to follow these standards to become a real gay couple. Then, after following the plan thoroughly, the two should expect to end the deal, even if they both have feelings for each other. „What.“ Wang Guangning was impatient. Zhang Lingyi was definitely his enemy in life, he even tried to discuss an issue like gay. No matter what Zhang Lingyi said, he beat him until he couldn`t sympathize anymore. For those who are wondering about the ABG30D and BMHS schedule, I will usually update it for about a week and a half, give or take a few days. BMHS may take longer as the language is more demanding and difficult to translate, but I will definitely continue to translate both novels (* ̄) ̄*)/ Your thirty-day agreement has expired, but can they really go back to their previous way of life as if nothing had ever happened? Wang Guangning squeezed his head miserably, „Saying something like this will make me feel worthless compared to this damn fat. I prefer to believe in the fact that Yu Haining is kept as a lover. After agreeing to follow a plan that includes something along the lines of „30 Things Every Real Couple Should Do,“ you can essentially live those days with them. In Wang Guang-ning`s head are names like Xia Yu-he [Mother of the princess, played by Ruby Lin Xin-ru in My Fair Princess; Lin also played the role of the mother] and Xia Zi-wei [Lin`s character; so the joke is that they looked the same – no matter for WGN] appeared, but not the name of the one he just danced with. So he felt that the moderator was really ridiculous and replied confusedly, „No.“ After their little agreement, the whole atmosphere turns even more positively.

The progression of the story seemed cliché: enemies, agreement, being gay for 30 days, understanding each other slowly, jealousy follows, MC has fallen in love, MC has planned to confess but is constrained by the intrigue of God, MC has gone to Taiwan to forget, ML realizes that he is in love with MC, MC has returned, misunderstandings occur, ML admits MC, and they live happily ever after. „I suddenly realized that being gay is not a matter for one man. But as she went crazy with fear while waiting endlessly for her confession, David went to invite Wang Guang-ning to his company`s birthday dinner. Nevertheless, I am very grateful to the translator because he does not benefit from it. . pro: I really liked the beginning despite some shortcomings. The two were still arguing and the rest of the school misunderstood their „dates“ as the fights were quite funny and I really enjoyed most of the first half. #university #devoted love interests #heartwarming #modern day #handsome male men #comedy #romance #cute ___ You have to wait a very long time for updates. It`s also a little obvious what feelings they have for each other, but they only confess at the very end. The story begins with these two who are described as very handsome, rivals fighting for appearance, status and this girl. And so the whole place boiled with excitement, Xia Ying-chu blushed a deep red and felt shy and shy.. .