Addendum to Shareholders Agreement Template

FoundryCo acquires and maintains insurance for directors and officers of at least $25 million prior to the IPO and $50 million immediately after the IPO, and members of the board of directors and similar governing bodies of FoundryCo`s subsidiaries appointed or designated by shareholders will each be designated as insured under the Company. FoundryCo will retain the assurance provided herein from the date of this press release for up to six (6) years after the later date on which a member of the Board appointed by one of the shareholders served on the Board of Directors. In addition, FoundryCo enters into compensation agreements with each member of the Board of Directors in the form of Exhibit B or any other form approved by the Board. In the event that FoundryCo or any of its successors or assigns (i) merges with or merges with another person or is not the continuing or surviving company or entity of any such consolidation or merger, or (ii) transfers all or substantially all or substantially all of the real property and assets of FoundryCo and its subsidiaries as a whole to a single person; then and in each of these cases, reasonable steps must be taken for FoundryCo`s successors and assigns to assume the obligations set forth in this Section 5.05. (b) Each shareholder must hold the appointments to which it is entitled under this Agreement at least fifteen (15) days before each general meeting of foundryCo shareholders or, if FoundryCo decides not to hold a general meeting of shareholders, no later than the date on which foundryCo shareholders pass a written resolution regarding the foregoing matters; clear. Each shareholder shall vote on all shares of which he is the registered holder or for which he otherwise has the opportunity to control or direct voting at a general meeting of shareholders, or issue a written resolution in respect of all shares of which that shareholder is the registered holder or for which that shareholder otherwise has the opportunity to: to control or direct the vote on it. for the election of Discovery and Oyster candidates nominated in accordance with Section 2.03(a) of the Board. (h) any law defined or referred to herein or in any agreement or instrument referred to herein means such law or law that is amended, amended or supplemented from time to time, including by the succession of comparable successor laws, and all rules and regulations promulgated under such laws; This Agreement may be signed and delivered (including by fax) in one or more counterparties and by the different parties in separate counterparties, each of which shall be considered original upon performance, but all of which together constitute the same agreement. (b) Each eligible recipient enters into a liaison agreement in accordance with paragraph 3.09(a). PandaTip: This model shareholder agreement defines the conditions of interaction between the shareholders of the companies and what happens if one or more want to leave the company or if something happens that forces a shareholder to leave or close the company. Neither party may issue or cause a press release or public announcement or otherwise communicate with the news media with respect to this Agreement or the transactions contemplated herein without the prior consent of the other parties, except as otherwise provided by applicable law or stock exchange regulations, and the parties will be informed of the timing and content of this press release.

cooperate. public announcement or communication. Companies use shareholder agreements to bind all shareholders to a particular course of action. This type of agreement can solve almost any problem, but it is usually used by small businesses or tightly owned companies to establish the buying procedures of a shareholder who wishes to leave. For example, a small business may have a shareholders` agreement that requires an outgoing shareholder to sell their shares to the corporation at a certain price or at a specified price after a certain valuation process. The introduction of this agreement in advance avoids property disputes if a shareholder wants to get out of it. (vi) enter into a contract, agreement, understanding or similar agreement with respect to any of the foregoing provisions of paragraphs (i) – (v). any information already in the possession of that restricted party (or any of its affiliates) that has not been obtained under a confidentiality agreement or that is the subject of a confidentiality agreement.